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Welcome to Ash Class (Year 1). Our Teacher is Miss Hilton.

Autumn 2nd Term- Julia Donaldson

We are having an author study this half term. We are learning about stories written by Julia Donaldson. So far we have learnt the stories 'Room on the broom', 'Superworm' and 'Scarecrows Wedding' in English and 'The snail and the Whale' in Geograpghy.

Geography- Snail and the Whale

We made magnetic map pictures to show Snail and Whale travelling to different continents. We have learnt facts about the first continent they have visited- Antarctica.

Art/DT- Room on the Broom!

We made some fantastic brooms from natural materials to go with the story 'Room on the Broom.'


Maths- Length

We have been exploring length. We have had great fun ordering and comparing the length of different objects.

Maths- Weighing with balance scales

We have been using our hands to explore and estimate weight of everyday objects. We have used balance scales to compare the weight of different objects and have also used balance scales to weigh objects in non-standard units. We have been using mathematical vocabulary for weight and measure.


We have been learning a song called 'In the Groove.' We have listened to it in many different genres and have even learbnt to perform it with instruments.

Spring 2nd Half Term- 'Superheroes.'

Maths - position and direction

We have kick started our term with position and direction in Maths. We created pictures of superheroes to show position such as next to, above and under. We have also been working together to give and follow directions.

Literacy- Superhero character profiles.

We have created our own fantastic superheroes. We have given them names and superpowers. We shall be writing stories about our superheroes.


In Literacy we have been learning about 'Superworms.' We read the story by Julia Donaldson and have been learning facts and information about worms including what they eat. We have even made our very own 'Superworm Wormery' !

PE- Crossfit with T800

This half term Year 1 have been enjoying Crossfit lessons with Ellie from T800 Crossfit. They are so much fun and she is fab!

DT- clay whales


Spring Term- Traditional Tales

DT- Houses for the 3 pigs!

In DT we designed, made and tested houses for the 3 Little Pigs. We tested them against 'The Big Bad Wolf' (hairdryers!). It was lots of fun.

Shield Making

We have been busy painting shields ready for our trip to Eye Castle.

Castle visit

We had such a fantastic morning at the castle. The weather was perfect too. We had a 'battle' using bean bags and our fantastic shield, we dressed up in costumes and looked around the castle itself. 

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