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Welcome to Ash Class (Year 1). Our Teacher is Miss Hilton.

Spring Term; 'Elephants.'

In Art we started by looking at Elephants in a different perspective. We had a go a sketching close up images using pencil and charcoal.


Maths - Weighing

We have been very busy exploring weight and measure. We have estimated heavy and light objects using our hands, used balance scales to compare heavy and light and have also found the weight of objects in non-standard and stand units.


In Maths we have been exloring positional language. We used ourselves and animals to create positions such as next to, above, through, behind and between.

Science- Inventors

We have been learning about the inventor of Lego. We invented our own models and discussed why Lego's properties are perfect for it.

DT- Food technology

In DT we have been learning about food hygiene; we made great 'kitchen rules' posters. We have also designed our own cooking apron which we shall be making using material and fabric pens.



We have been 'writing' our own music using symbols. The symbols reflect the sound the instrument makes. We perormed our own songs to each other.

Maths-2 digit numbers

We have been learning about number value of 2 digit numbers and what happens when we add 10. We have used Numicon, dienes and pictures to help us understand the value.

We were lucky enough to visit the library where we listened to some fun stories. We loved it.


World Book Day

We all dressed up as our favourite characters and had a fantastic day. We made up our own mythical creatures such as 'Zebraphants' and 'Snakodiles' and made our own Medusa heads. We listened to a brilliant story teller who used instruments and actions.

Summer Term

This term our topic is 'Food Glorious Food'. We shall be linking food to as many areas as possible for a creative curriculum. 

Literacy- Instructions;fruit kebabs.

In Literacy we made fruit kebabs and learnt how to write instructions using bossy time words and verbs. 

Science- plants

We are learning about plants in Science. We will be planting beans and other vegetables, learning different parts of the plant, finding wild plants in our local area and experimenting to discover what happens when plants dont get everything they need.

Maths- half and quarter

In Maths we have been learning about half and quarter. We have halved and quartered shapes and quantities. 

Values & Beliefs

We have been learning about the Ascension story and Pentecost.

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