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Welcome to Ash Class (Year 1). Our Teacher is Miss Hilton.

Welcome to Year 1! This term our topic is called 'Hands, claws and paws' where we e will be learning about humans including animals. 

In Science this week we built on what we know already about the human body. We drew round each other and worked as a team to draw and label all the parts of the body we know.


We have been learning about time. We ordered events in a day, the days of the week and have started to read and make o'clcock times. We used ink stampers to make clock faces and made our own watches.

Autumn second half term

This half term our topic is 'Art Attack.' We are trying to link an arty theme into different areas of our learning.

To kick start our 'Art Attack' topic we visited the Sainsbury's Art Centre in Norwich. We looked at all the amazing sculptures in the gallery and took part in a fun workshop. We made clay mountains and created our planet from various pieces of material. We also had a go at ink marbelling. Thank you to Ollie's mum who helped us on the trip. We had a great time.

In PE we have started gymnastics. We have learnt some different rolls and jumps and how to use our bodies to make different balance shapes.

In Art we have been exploring colour. We have learnt about primary and secondary colours and have experimented with colour mixing. We have learnt different techniques.


In English we have been writing instructions on how to brush your teeth. We even bought in our own toothbrushes and gave each other instructions on what to do.

We have been using numicon in Maths. We have been working out 1 more and 1 less than a given number. 


As part of our Values & Beliefs lessons we visitied our local church to attend a Baptism. Father Guy carried out to baptism service and the children were involed. We even had god parents of 'Baby Mary' who carried out an important role in the service. 

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We learnt about their properties and went on a shape hunt around school.

We had a fantastic art day where we decorated our very own African masks using wood and paint to created dotty patterns. We also coloured in animal pictures, made collar necklaces and animal sunset pictures. We had so much fun.

Bedtime Story Day....

We dressed in our pyjamas and and bought in a book to swap with another child. We had so many books to choose from, everyone was very generous. We were lucky enough to read and listen to stories with the Year children.

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