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Welcome to Cedar Class (Year 6). Our teacher is Miss Bramley.

Letters and Plans, Summer 2018

Letters and Plans, Spring 2018

Second Half of Spring Term

To celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March, we took a rest from our SATs preparations and instead wrote a persuasive piece arguing either for or against the idea that women should be treated differently to men.  Some brave children then took to the floor to debate this argument.  It was amazing to see just how passionately and articulately the children spoke and how quick they were to counter an argument!  We have nothing to fear from the next generation!

North American Art

It turns out we have quite a talented bunch of artists in Year Six.  Inspired by our Geography work focused on the Americas, Mrs Robinson has been introducing the children to a range of American artists.  So far they have looked at Singer Sargent, Ansel Adams and Helen Frankenthaler.

Last Half Term's Topic, Vicious Vikings.

To celebrate the beginning of our 'Vicious Vikings' topic, Cedar Class spent a happy afternoon planning and creating a display for the corridor outside our classroom.  What a creative bunch!

Design and Technology

Year Six have started a new topic in DT.  They will be creating a 3D floor map for the Bee-Bots to navigate, using their design skills and understanding of materials.  It will, of course, have a Viking theme!  It was crucial that the class reminded themselves of how the Bee-Bots work before they began to design their product.  This was important research and not just playing!

A Trip to the Library

We took a trip to Eye Library to find out how the books are organised, how to find a book we want and how easy it is to borrow one.  No excuses for not having a reading book now!

Science - Forces

A team of historians needed our help to investigate an archaeological site which they suspected may contain Viking artefacts.  It was unfortunately inaccessible by road and the historians needed to be parachuted in.  We investigated a range of variables, such as size, shape and material, to find the best parachute design before testing them (carefully) by dropping them and measuring the time of the drop.  We loved it!

PE - The Haka

As part of our Dance unit, we decided to create a Haka, modelling this on the ferocious Viking warriors of the past!  Check out some of our efforts so far.  Be afraid...be very afraid wink

Viking Day! Rarrr!

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