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Welcome to Oaks class. Our teachers are Mrs Burden and Mrs Wakeham

Autumn term 1st half

The children have settled well into school life. They have been busy making friends and exploring both their indoor and outdoor environments.


Our topic this half term is 'Space'

We have been playing in our new role play area. The children have enjoyed dressing up and taking on different roles.


We had a surprise when we arrived at school one morning and there was debris everywhere outside. It took lots of investigating and questionning by the children to realise that we had had an alien crash landing at school!


Reading Cafe

We had lots of different family members attend our reading cafe and join in the activities with us. It was lovely to have them spend time with us in the classroom.


We read the story of 'Aliens Love Underpants'. The children then used puppets to re-tell the story, painted their own patterns on underpants, as well as ordering pictures from the story.





Autumn term 2nd half


We started our topic by thinking about 'birthdays'. We have had fun playing in our role play area, baking cakes and creating parties.


To celebrate 'bonfire night' we used the logs in our outside area to build a bonfire. We talked about safety and pretended to toast marshmallows on the fire.


Spring term 1st half

People Who Help Us

We have been thinking about people who help us in school.

We went on visits around the school to see different members of staff. 


We went to see the kitchen staff, office staff, our caretaker and our new headteacher Mr Ginn. We found out about their jobs and how they help us.


Spring term 2nd half

Each week we will be looking at a different type of transport. We started our topic with transport 'on the road'.

The children enjoyed our outdoor role play- a car wash!


For our week 'on the water', the children made their own junk model boats and then tested them in the water tray. We talked about floating and sinking.


We practised our counting skills by counting the number of stars on rockets. Some children then matched the rockets to the correct numeral on astronauts.


We made rockets in many different ways including using paper shape collage and 3D rockets using bottles.







We used balloons in our P.E lesson. The children tried to keep the balloon in the air using lots of different body parts. They also practise tapping it to each other without it touching the floor.


In P.E we used the ribbons to create fireworks, making sure to use the space around us, going high, low and to the side.


After visiting the kitchen, we took on the role of the school cook and made our own fruit kebabs. They were yummy....


They have also been enjoying our indoor role play area, which is a garage.

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