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Congratulations to Willow Class who won Best Attendance with 100%

Our attendance policy is available to view on our policies page.

Traffic Light Attendance System


‘Traffic Light’ Attendance System


Last term we notified all parents that we were introducing a ‘Traffic Light Attendance System’ into school this term. The system is part of a number of initiatives we have introduced already in school to help raise awareness amongst pupils and parents/carers of the importance of good attendance and the impact absence has on the levels your child achieves in school and later at high school.

Until now parents would receive an attendance letter if their child’s attendance level was a concern, or be informed of their child’s percentage on their end of year report. Occasional days off school soon mount up and parents are not always aware of the impact of this. 

The Traffic Light System is a colour coded letter that is sent to all parents towards the end of each term, so parents will be fully informed of their child’s attendance level. 

Green letters show that the child’s attendance is good and this is what we aim for with the majority of children. 

Amber letters show that for various reasons the absence level is considered a concern to the school and we would be monitoring this level and looking at ways to improve it.

 Red letters show that the absence level is unacceptably low in the majority of cases, and the school will be writing separately to you and may have to liaise with the Education Welfare Officer if it does not improve. 

The percentage levels that trigger the different colour codes are based on guidelines from the local authority and Education Welfare Officers.

We understand that there are circumstances that impact on attendance, such as long term illness, surgery, disability etc. and this is taken into consideration.  If your child is likely to be in this category, you may receive a coded letter of Amber or Red, and in these cases this level of attendance is managed differently according to the individual needs of the child.  Because of these exceptions it is essential that parents continue to communicate with us regarding absences and provide evidence to the school such as appointment letters etc.

Attendance Percentage Letters December 2016

All children in Reception to year 6 were sent home with their latest attendance Percentage letter this week.  If parents did not receive it or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Attendance Rewards


Spring Term Attendance Awards 2017


Congratulations to all our Attendance Certificate Winners for the SpringTerm. A total of  68 Certificates were awarded to children  with an attendance level of 98% or more.

 Congratulations also to Willow Class who had the best attendance percentage for the   Spring term, they earned yet another class reward!


Buddy the Attendance Bear

P1030389 (2)

This weeks Buddy Bear Winners

Congratulations to Maple Class who have won Buddy this week for the best class attendance of with 99.3%

Well done!

What is Good Attendance?

Absence chart for webite amended dec 16

Why should I arrive on time for school?


Our school gates open at 8.40 am each day, children need to seated in class ready to work at 8.50 am.  Registration takes place by 9 am.  Children who arrive after this time are marked late (Late or Unauthorised) depending on how late they are.    Children need to report to the office on arrival if late, so the reason for their late arrival is recorded on their school attendance record. Children who are regularly late will be monitored and may be referred to the Education Welfare Officer (see our Attendance Policy for further information).  If your child has a problem with late arrival please contact the school to discuss the matter further, so we can try to resolve any problems.

 It is important that children arrive in school on time every day for a number of reasons.

- It is the legal responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that children attend their registered school on time each day.

- If a child is late they miss important information about the day's activities.

- A child that is late will miss school work.

- Children that arrive in good time for registration are able to talk to their friends before school and settle into the school day with them.

- A child that is late disrupts staff and other children.

The table below shows how lateness can add up over the school year:

Lateness = lost learning!

5 minutes late each day

3 days lost!

10 minutes late each day

6.5 days lost

15 minutes late a day

10 days lost!

20 minutes late a day

13 days lost!

30 minutes late a day

19 days lost!

(Days are school days and calculated over a school year.)

Medical and Dental Appointments

Routine appointments should be made out of school hours and in school holidays so the absence does not impact on your child's learning.

In  other cases the School Office must be notified of any medical or dental appointments during school hours.  The school is required to see the the original appointment letter or card prior to the absence and we will take a copy for our records.  In these cases, the absence will be marked in the register as an 'M', an authorised absence.

 If we are not informed, or you do not provide an appointment letter or card, the absence in most cases will be marked as unauthorised.

Children are expected to be in school in the morning if the appointment is late morning or early afternoon, and return to school, where reasonable, after the appointment.  For early morning appointments children are expected to return to school after the appointment.