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St Peter and St Paul CEVA Primary School Curriculum Information

At St Peter and St Paul CEVAP School, we aim to provide a wide-ranging, exciting curriculum, rich in opportunity and experience.  Our shared hope is that all children achieve their full potential through high expectations of achievement and behaviour.  We encourage children to develop resilience and effort throughout a range of tasks and topics, emphasising the need for a growth mindset.  We are proud of the learning activities we create for our children and love to watch their love of learning grow.  Throughout our curriculum, we take care to provide opportunities for the spiritual, moral, cultural and social learning of the children as well as making sure to acknowledge the British Values and Christian ethos which shape our school.

On this page you will find a range of information related to our curriculum.  Central to the learning experience at St Peter and St Paul CEVAP School is our ‘Teaching for Learning’ policy, which sets out our key principles and roles.  We have a recently re-developed our Long Term Plan.  Whilst content is still based around the 2014 National Curriculum, staff spent a great deal of time and thought choosing new topics which they felt would engage and motivate the children.  In the adjacent drop down menu, you will find our Skills Matrices which outline the key skills we would like the children to achieve through their work as they progress through the school.

Please take time to look through each section.  We have lots of lovely photos of our trips, speakers and visitors alongside sections which describe how our learning involves parents, the Church and the local community.  We hope these pages give you an idea of the sense of purpose and opportunity which pervades our personalised curriculum at St Peter and St Paul CEVAP School.

Topics and Plans

At St Peter and St Paul CEVAP School, we offer children access to the full range of subjects required by the 2014 National Curriculum.  Children are taught English and Maths daily, but are also regularly taught Science, Religious Education, Geography, History, Computing, Art, Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages (KS2), Music, PE and PSHE.

We have recently taken the decision to re-think our curriculum plans, opting to work using a cross-curricular topic approach.  It was felt that making links would make learning more meaningful for the children and provide a larger range of opportunity.  Below you will find the Long Term Plan for our first year of topic themed learning.


Teachers use this Long Term Plan as a basis for their half termly and daily plans.  Within these plans, which are often developed as a key stage team, can be found the content each topic will cover and the skills the children will focus on during their work.  Each term, teachers produce a skills map to keep track of what has been successfully covered and to inform the next stage of their planning.   These plans also allow teachers time to consider either a 'Stunning Starter' or a 'Fabulous Finish' to engage the children or to help them demonstrate what they have learnt.  Possibilities for trips, visitors and speakers are also included, as well as links which can be made between topic work and English and Maths.

If you follow the drop down menu to the right of the 'Curriculum Information' tab, you will find a page which contains all of our Skills Coverage Grids.  These outline what the children should be aiming for throughout the different subjects, according to the expectations of their year group.

Learning Together through Trips and Visitors

Our staff strongly believe that children learn better when they have been provided with first hand experiences linked directly to our topic.  It helps their learning to become 'real'.  One of the ways we achieve this is through trips and visiting speakers.  We find these lead to increased motivation, better engagement and a sense of learning as fun!  In turn, this leads to an increased understanding and a higher quality of work, especially written work.  We also enjoy holding 'Wow!' days, where children spend a whole day at school focusing on a particular subject or skill, sometimes moving between classes and teachers, again with the intention of making learning exciting and providing a range of experience.

So far during this academic year, children have been on visits to places such as Colchester Castle, Knettishall Heath and the Sainsbury Centre for Art in Norwich.  We have enjoyed visits from organisations such as the Dog's Trust and the Salvation Army.  Theme days have included a Roman Day and a Viking day, where children had the opportunity to dress up and undertake activities which they would not normally have the chance to access.  Whole school 'Wow!' days have included a 'Bedtime Story' day where children came in their pyjamas and spent the day enjoying reading and books and an African art day, where children had the opportunity to spend time creating thier own African masks to take home.

Older chlidren have also enjoyed the opportunity to spend time away from parents on residential trips to Kingswood and Aylmerton, learning not only new skills, but discovering a determination and resilience within themselves that they may not have realised was hidden there!  

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