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What Is Science?

Children are natural scientists.  It is important therefore to build upon a child’s natural curiosity and to encourage a scientific approach through the process of investigative enquiry.

Science is taught as a stand-alone subject.  Where possible links are made with other curriculum subjects.

Principles Of The Teaching and Learning of Science

Children should be taught to use the following scientific methods, processes and skills:

  • Hypothesis and prediction
  • Exploration, investigation and practical testing
  • Recording and observation
  • Reporting
  • Scientific vocabulary and numeracy
  • Use of new and emerging technology


Science assessment will be an ongoing process.  End of unit assessments will track children’s progress.  They will be judged against four levels of competence

  • Beginning
  • Developing
  • Embedding
  • Mastered


As a member of the MEWS family of schools we pool practical resources and CPD training.

Special Considerations

  • As a family of schools we are members of the Teacher Scientists Network.
  • We take guidance on health and safety and scientific practice from CLEAPSS
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